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Washington is an amazing state. It is so amazing, in fact, that photographer Howard Frisk has created his own list, The Seven Wonders of Washington State, to highlight the state's top seven natural wonders. These seven locations are not part of any official list. They are based on his own travels and his own opinion on what are the most amazing places in this great state. He chose these locations because there is something very special about each one, they are easily accessible, and they provide opportunities to have personal experiences with the most fascinating places nature has to offer. They are:

Mt Rainier - Mt St Helens - Columbia River Gorge - The Palouse - Hoh Rain Forest - Long Beach - The Channeled Scablands

Several of the wonders of Washington State are one-of-a-kind geological formations that are found nowhere else in the world. Washington State is among the most ecologically diverse states in the country and each of the seven wonders represents a different aspect of that ecological diversity. Where else on Earth can you go from a rain forest to a desert in less than 100 miles? Some of Washington State's natural wonders, such as Mt Rainier, are world famous. People come here from all over the world to marvel at its massive glaciers, meadows bursting with millions of wildflowers, or autumn leaves exploding with color. On the other hand, some of Washington State's natural wonders, such as the Channeled Scablands, are virtually unknown, even to most of the residents of western Washington. The story of how the Channeled Scablands were formed is mind-boggling, and all the geological evidence is there for you to behold.

Howard gathered his favorite photographs of Washington State's natural wonders and published a book titled The Seven Wonders of Washing State. It is 127 pages of color photographs plus interesting and useful information about each of the seven wonders. The Seven Wonders of Washington State is available for purchase via the Buy Now link at the bottom of the page.

Photographer Howard Frisk and musician Larry Merritt have teamed up to create a unique offer. Larry has created a special edition of his music CD, The Seven Wonders of Washington State, as a companion CD to Howard's book by the same title. The CD includes seven original instrumental songs written and performed by Larry, one for each of the seven wonders of Washington State. You can listen to the first track of the CD below and purchase the book with or without the CD via the Buy Now link below.

The Seven Wonders of Washington State

Puchase The Seven Wonders of Washington State

Howard was contacted by the Editor of a local newspaper, Northwest Prime Time, about submitting an article with photographs based on the book,  The Seven Wonders of Washington State.  They were pleased enough with the article to place it on the cover of their June 2017 issue.   You can get a copy at any Fred Meyer store in King County, and many libraries, community centers and news stands, for a limited time, or you can read it on their web site.


Where to Buy The Seven Wonders of Washington State

The book is available on, but if you prefer to visit a brick and mortar store, there are currently over 50 stores in Washington State that carry the book. Click on the links below for retail locations in these cities.






Dry Falls State Park






Long Beach



Mt Rainier National Park












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